A decade ago, when FREDERICK BOUCHARDY began making candles from a natural tropical palm-oil extract, he was perplexed why so few companies were using sustainable ingredients. Now a well-known fragrance house with a long list of fashion and luxury clients, Joya works with local artists and artisans to craft sophisticated candles, soaps and fragrances.

Joya (jewel in Spanish) draws its name from the crystalline, jewel-like appearance of the wax blend used in the first Joya Original Collection. The company continues to draw attention to its high-quality raw materials and inventive fragrance pairings.

The studio is perhaps known best for its one-of-a-kind handcrafted candles and scents. Joya is committed to using simple, locally sourced raw materials, sustainable packaging and design, as well as ethical production practices, for both its signature items and artist collaborations.

How are the candles made?

Scent development and candle design are done in tandem, with a focus on the simplicity of the design concept and the fragrance pairings. The candle waxes and essential oils are blended and then poured by hand before a wick is inserted. The process is straightforward and always local.

For 1670 Charlestowne, based in colonial Charleston, South Carolina, Bouchardy knew that to create the perfect scent he and his team would rely on authentic and indigenous flora to evoke the true sense of the region’s pride and heritage — making Sweetgrass the obvious choice.


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